The future of Advertising is digital: If you are a business without a budget for digital, you are doomed to fail!

To the consumer, digital advertising is cheaper, faster and more informative (you can replay that YouTube video anytime you want!). In addition, users do not feel violated by digital advertising because they can choose what to view and what to skip. This is unlike traditional advertising where they are force-fed advertising content. To the marketer, the audience is actually the product because the data they collect is invaluable, as they use it to analyze trends and to follow sales leads. Thus, we can confidently say that companies that set a bigger budget for traditional advertising and a smaller one for digital advertising are in for a rude shock. Traditional is no longer king. Digital is king! Many trendsetting companies have made it big from digital advertising. And so could you. Digital advertising does not care how big or small your business is. If you have a good strategy and a budget, implement it affordably and grow. Many large brands have already made the shift including American Express, Mint, General Electric and many others. I worked for a small Ad Agency in Florida  they have been around for over 20 years and they were very slow to adapt to digital, the people in sales were almost afraid to introduce it to clients ( the clients had to insist on it), they just didn’t know how to sell it and the owner for far too long was comfortable with numbers they brought in. Therefore, many smaller companies upstarted and began to surpass this seasoned agency, some wait too late which is almost as bad as not all. 56020bbbee37e_thumb900For those who do begin t start your digital department I have a few suggestions to get and keep good talent but the main one for starters: create an environment that may be unlike any other room of your offices and let that be a creative space with medium lighting and art (that’s void of subtexts like its from wal-mart) and let there be sound (most want to listen to their headphones and zone out), make sure they see and or know these things. But know without a doubt if you do not have a digital department you must have at least a digital budget!

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It is All Things Digital – How The Internet Is Changing Life, Business And Entertainment

It is all things digital now, and the internet is an idea whose time has come. As they say, you cannot stop a man who is in the right. The internet is that man. However, are we all benefiting as we should? Let us find out in the scenarios below: Digital Media (Music Royalties): Need for Structural Change

It is All Things Digital – How The Internet Is Changing Life, Business And Entertainment


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What is new can get old real quick!

Wells Riley wrote “The Facebook IPO is melting, LinkedIn is stagnant, and Twitter is under fire by developers. New platforms like Medium, Branch, Zerply Converse, and Svbtle are popping up everywhere, with an entirely new model for social interaction. Instead of creating profiles, “The new social” seems to be more content-focused” Do you agree? What is your take and in that take would you agree? When you log on or rather, when you decided to create a social media account what was your purpose, lets discuss this to oneself out loud or with a few friends? Was your intention to create it to network and make new friends or to get a deal or kind of blog about how you feel and or share what you did or are doing for uninvited but needed feed back?

I did all the above not necessarily for shock value but for feed back like will people things the though of this crazy before I do it or was what I did that no one know crazy? I liked to network but I do not believe I have fully used the benefit of say LinkedIn and I agree although with new benefits it has become somewhat stagnant and Facebook I am on and off activating and deactivating so much one can say i’m not consistently motivated by that platform but as new social media platforms sprout about I am encouraged to thing that the technology is still in its infancy and things are still ever evolving. Some of the giants today I do not believe will be giants tomorrow just look and AOL or Yahoo, 10 -12 years ago you would never think that Yahoo would one dat be fighting for its survival and 16-18 years ago no way would you think AOL would would be a fraction of itself and not the biggest, baddest, best way to communicate and chat with family and friends no way, right? So now lets consider the giants today, that could change.

Human behavior changes this, the young get old and the new bring the new and its exciting. Changes in both technology and behavior will dictate what remains relevant and or what’s next.


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A Skech of things.

The role of advertising in this competitive world is great because every company wants to remain ahead of another. In old time the basic tools for advertising is traditional medium such as print media including newspaper, magazine and television media, radio channel and FM channels. Now in the communication age the role of internet medium has grown to a larger extent and every company wants to ensure the presence on this new medium to tap the potential customer. This medium is ideal to capture to a large customer base at a reasonable investment.

The advertising campaign of SKECHERS USA INC. for its footwear brand is commendable as they target their product in super bowl series because the event is most popular in the area and people follow the event like insane. The bull dog and latest cheetah advertisement advertisement have created a lot of buzz in the internet media and it attracts the many youth to follow the advertisement on Facebook and Twitter. The association with advertisement with the celebrity also boosts the brand image of the product.

The advertisement campaign is good enough but more can be done to arouse more interest in the company like organizing a contest on company official page regarding the product and winner will receive a pair of shoes free every hour. The company can start the discussion on sport utilities of this shoe on the blog related to fitness and health. The next best move will associate the products with other popular sport that is cricket in the Developing Asian region. Cricket is the most popular game in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Associating with the BCCI (Board of cricket control in India) gives the wide coverage of the product in Asian region.The company should improve the delivery by opening new retail chains and franchise model in unrepresented areas of developing countries. The product should reflect the message of energy, youths fullness and freshness through an advertising campaign.

The present campaign compares also good as it the performance with Cheetah and this create liking in young generation but a lot of more has to be done as it require to create the value for money brand in the mind of the youth generations. The company aim in the new campaign is to tap the young generation through creating more buzz in social media pages.


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Trends and Utility

More and more Skype is the chosen medium used in lieu of face to face interviews and meetings, and I see this trend growing and how convenient for both financially , the opportunity cost is beneficial to both having the ability to meet like this to engage, the interviewee does not have to spend money for transportation  can simply put on a shirt and tie and sit in the comfort of his home, or convenience of his car or favorite coffee shop and the interviewer has the benefit of not needing make special allotment for the benefit of the interview or the often awkwardness of unprepared and presented candidate amongst other things. Skye is now the preferred application for companies which is a good thing for Microsoft having bought Skype last year. How did Skype get to this good benefit and how does the company more importantly benefit? Smaller businesses tend to communicate differently than larger entities. Instead of internal meetings, you spend more time reaching out individually to customers, prospects and partners. Making calls can be costly, especially if you’re talking to colleagues and customers on their mobile phones or when they’re in other parts of the world. Keeping costs to a minimum is vital to improving your bottom line. Communicating with clients and colleagues, wherever they are in the world, is key to the success of any business. But travel costs can make a big dent in your profits too. And it’s not just things like flights, fuel and hotel bills that can affect your company’s profitability when you’re spending time on the road – it also means you are spending less time in the office, which can hurt productivity. Customers are the center of any business, small or large – and making sure they can contact you easily and cost-effectively is a must if you want to provide the high level of service that will keep them from going elsewhere.

When you use Skype for business, customers who also use Skype can call you from wherever they are just by clicking the Skype number on your website. And thanks to Skype’s low rates, it will save your customers money, too. So stop complaining about having little or no understanding of computers and or social media, it’s unacceptable, this is the trend; To be engaged by way of social media, no excuses or you fail

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Boston Beer Company Ties Yuengling For Bragging Rights.

BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Beer Company has held the distinction of being the largest U.S.-owned brewer since 1998, after Anheuser-Busch was acquired.

Now, Boston Beer is tied with Pennsylvania-based D.G. Yuengling & Son as the largest American-owned brewer.

Both companies shipped about 2.5 million barrels last year.

Back in January, Yuengling had actually announced they were larger than Sam Adams after a trade publication estimated that the company ships more beer than Boston Beer. Boston Beer is also planning to complete the national roll-out of two of its non-beer brands Twisted Tea and one of its hard cider brands.


Yueng Sam A.
Color Amber Yellow
ABV 4.4% 4.75%
Calories 128 160
Carbohydrates 10 grams 18 grams


Yuengling Sam Adams
Country of Origin United States United States
Style American Lager German Lager
Sub-Style Amber Vienna Lager

Beer Yuengling Traditional Lager Sam Adams Boston Lager
Smart Rating 76 81
Manufacturer Yuengling The Boston Beer Company
Company Yuengling Brewery Boston Beer Co
Website Yuengling Traditional Lager ( Sam Adams Boston Lager (

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Future Implicat…

Future Implications (Society and Social Media moving forward)

Social media is fueled by the people, as it’s   “…Of the people, by the people, for the people.” sounds familiar? Funny how things come full circle and the cart rolling this rejuvenation of old famous sorts of words are social media. Photo- and video-based social interaction will grow, the whole point of social networking—making and perpetuating connections with family, friends and creating new relations- seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. We will see a lot more apps and companies come forward to help free us from content overload. Marketers will need to find a sustainable model for creating amazing content, which may include more outsourcing. As social media matures, efficiency will become an increasingly important factor.

Social media analytics is actually social media metrics, which is a lot of data telling a story of the past using great data visualizations. Advanced analytics are already being performed inside large agencies, brands and social networking sites. Data analysts and scientists, many with advanced degrees in statistics and computer science, primarily do the work. We will see social media analytics companies releasing simplified SaaS (software as a service) tools for smaller agencies and brands to perform similar, less complex analytical functions. Facebook will hit ONE BILLION users. With one billion users, you can’t deny the numbers. Facebook is by far the social media powerhouse.

The hype that will surround the one billion milestones will only draw more attention to Facebook. Not only will we see a boom of small businesses setting up shop on Facebook, but also those businesses already on Facebook will feel the heat to get even more creative and strategic with their fan activity. I see social networks getting even more competitive with Google+ trying to dominate the market in 2012! The top networks (Twitter and Facebook) will be looking to compete by adding even more features. Google+ will continue adding similar creature comforts to their network for page functionality and looking to develop hangouts into something more useful for businesses. YouTube will finally get recognition and significant use as a major social network. Recent feature additions (like YouTube video viewing in a Google+ hangout) prove that Google will do whatever it takes to make the transition. Those paying attention will respond by focusing on their own personal YouTube networks. Video production is not required as YouTube members in the content curation and video aggregation space will hold as much sway, if not more, than their content-producing counterparts.

The number-one way that consumers will be interacting in the future with the Internet is via their smartphones and tablets. Given that, it’s important for marketers of all stripes to embrace mobile.


Carla Dewing

Carla Dewing @CarlaDewing

In 2011 we’ve seen a trend toward multifaceted social marketing positions, or people within companies who are expected to have “layered” expertise in social media. Content marketers will have to transcend basic sales, and work within the rapidly expanding technology field.

In 2012 we’ll see these positions solidified, as social marketers working online branch out and become involved in the coding/tech world as well.

These positions will become integral to any social marketing campaign, as singular jobs become more complex, transforming people into media specialists.

One individual must be able to blog, market, work on a multitude of platforms, work within the tech sphere and perform high-level SEO tasks. Otherwise, how will he or she be able to spot social opportunities when they arise?

These media specialists will be required to have a 360-degree view of social media, as their job becomes more demanding and competitive. I also feel that there will be urgency to perfect mobile technology and marketing, as it crosses from the virtual realm into the physical world.

In 2012, it would be short-sighted for businesses to overlook the benefits of having a media specialist on their team!

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