What is new can get old real quick!

Wells Riley wrote “The Facebook IPO is melting, LinkedIn is stagnant, and Twitter is under fire by developers. New platforms like Medium, Branch, Zerply Converse, and Svbtle are popping up everywhere, with an entirely new model for social interaction. Instead of creating profiles, “The new social” seems to be more content-focused” Do you agree? What is your take and in that take would you agree? When you log on or rather, when you decided to create a social media account what was your purpose, lets discuss this to oneself out loud or with a few friends? Was your intention to create it to network and make new friends or to get a deal or kind of blog about how you feel and or share what you did or are doing for uninvited but needed feed back?

I did all the above not necessarily for shock value but for feed back like will people things the though of this crazy before I do it or was what I did that no one know crazy? I liked to network but I do not believe I have fully used the benefit of say LinkedIn and I agree although with new benefits it has become somewhat stagnant and Facebook I am on and off activating and deactivating so much one can say i’m not consistently motivated by that platform but as new social media platforms sprout about I am encouraged to thing that the technology is still in its infancy and things are still ever evolving. Some of the giants today I do not believe will be giants tomorrow just look and AOL or Yahoo, 10 -12 years ago you would never think that Yahoo would one dat be fighting for its survival and 16-18 years ago no way would you think AOL would would be a fraction of itself and not the biggest, baddest, best way to communicate and chat with family and friends no way, right? So now lets consider the giants today, that could change.

Human behavior changes this, the young get old and the new bring the new and its exciting. Changes in both technology and behavior will dictate what remains relevant and or what’s next.



About iovik

Here you go! Hi, I’m not sure what I really should share in this space as I don’t want this blog to be about me (totally lol), but more about the things we study, observe and in general care about. I love digital everything with regard to marketing. I have been working in Promotions and Marketing for over 15 years mostly media, radio and entertainment corporations in New York, Baltimore, Washington and Atlanta and a producer for more than 25. I helped start the rapper/actor/producer 50 Cent aka Boo with my mentor Jam Master Jay. I oversaw the execution of his first records, “The Hit” being one to designing stickers , posters and running down DJ’s like Ron G and DJ Enuff with Dat tapes (do you remember those?). You know I need to write a book about how 50 Cent really started- so much was left out of his book so many people contributed in a major way for example the book does not mention people like K-Love (who produced Onyx) his first A&R and composer of his hottest initial records or Rob Love who would help work the promo vinyl on his own time after Def jam rejected it. To produce and manufacture 50 Cent first recording was no easy feat Def Jam did not want to spend the money on him and Jay did not have the budget, it was only after a conversation with Kenny Dichter (http://www.wheelsup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Kenny-Dichter-Bio.pdf) who wrote a $10,000 check to make it happen, was I able to press and promote his first single… (maybe I will blog more about those and many more stories in greater detail later). I was so excited about that record anyone who has the vinyl will see I made the matrix number my birthdate ( you know as proof just in case the kid made it big you know I did the record hardy ha ha ha). I worked with many people. I’m thankful to have big brothers and people acting like family in music early on extending favor to me like Dallas Austin and Monica T, the Browns @ Bosstown, I miss that B-room (now Stankonia by Outkast) who treated me like family (Bobby Brown’ fam especially Papa Brown and sisters- Lord bless them- nothing but love), and Spyder D (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyder-D) who taught and later trusted me with so much. Later on I started to represent other brands moving away from branding artist and producers exclusively. I relocated to south to Florida and made a fresh start- from representing artist and bands to managing major brands from Bank of America to Kinect for Xbox 360. I enjoy writing when I can. I hope with this blog, what I write, will not only be educational but a fun interesting read, that will be my goal. But sometimes boring is just plane boring and can’t be fixed, can’t be optimized even digitally, just go with it. Remember we are all perfectly imperfect- It’s a new day, Carpe Diem! Any ole way... Here you go! DSKivoi follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Meggastan linkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dskivoi Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ioviksmm Skype: D.S.Kivoi
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