A Skech of things.

The role of advertising in this competitive world is great because every company wants to remain ahead of another. In old time the basic tools for advertising is traditional medium such as print media including newspaper, magazine and television media, radio channel and FM channels. Now in the communication age the role of internet medium has grown to a larger extent and every company wants to ensure the presence on this new medium to tap the potential customer. This medium is ideal to capture to a large customer base at a reasonable investment.

The advertising campaign of SKECHERS USA INC. for its footwear brand is commendable as they target their product in super bowl series because the event is most popular in the area and people follow the event like insane. The bull dog and latest cheetah advertisement advertisement have created a lot of buzz in the internet media and it attracts the many youth to follow the advertisement on Facebook and Twitter. The association with advertisement with the celebrity also boosts the brand image of the product.

The advertisement campaign is good enough but more can be done to arouse more interest in the company like organizing a contest on company official page regarding the product and winner will receive a pair of shoes free every hour. The company can start the discussion on sport utilities of this shoe on the blog related to fitness and health. The next best move will associate the products with other popular sport that is cricket in the Developing Asian region. Cricket is the most popular game in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Associating with the BCCI (Board of cricket control in India) gives the wide coverage of the product in Asian region.The company should improve the delivery by opening new retail chains and franchise model in unrepresented areas of developing countries. The product should reflect the message of energy, youths fullness and freshness through an advertising campaign.

The present campaign compares also good as it the performance with Cheetah and this create liking in young generation but a lot of more has to be done as it require to create the value for money brand in the mind of the youth generations. The company aim in the new campaign is to tap the young generation through creating more buzz in social media pages.


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Here you go! Hi, I’m not sure what I really should share in this space as I don’t want this blog to be about me (totally lol), but more about the things we study, observe and in general care about. I love digital everything with regard to marketing. I have been working in Promotions and Marketing for over 15 years mostly media, radio and entertainment corporations in New York, Baltimore, Washington and Atlanta and a producer for more than 25. I helped start the rapper/actor/producer 50 Cent aka Boo with my mentor Jam Master Jay. I oversaw the execution of his first records, “The Hit” being one to designing stickers , posters and running down DJ’s like Ron G and DJ Enuff with Dat tapes (do you remember those?). You know I need to write a book about how 50 Cent really started- so much was left out of his book so many people contributed in a major way for example the book does not mention people like K-Love (who produced Onyx) his first A&R and composer of his hottest initial records or Rob Love who would help work the promo vinyl on his own time after Def jam rejected it. To produce and manufacture 50 Cent first recording was no easy feat Def Jam did not want to spend the money on him and Jay did not have the budget, it was only after a conversation with Kenny Dichter (http://www.wheelsup.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Kenny-Dichter-Bio.pdf) who wrote a $10,000 check to make it happen, was I able to press and promote his first single… (maybe I will blog more about those and many more stories in greater detail later). I was so excited about that record anyone who has the vinyl will see I made the matrix number my birthdate ( you know as proof just in case the kid made it big you know I did the record hardy ha ha ha). I worked with many people. I’m thankful to have big brothers and people acting like family in music early on extending favor to me like Dallas Austin and Monica T, the Browns @ Bosstown, I miss that B-room (now Stankonia by Outkast) who treated me like family (Bobby Brown’ fam especially Papa Brown and sisters- Lord bless them- nothing but love), and Spyder D (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyder-D) who taught and later trusted me with so much. Later on I started to represent other brands moving away from branding artist and producers exclusively. I relocated to south to Florida and made a fresh start- from representing artist and bands to managing major brands from Bank of America to Kinect for Xbox 360. I enjoy writing when I can. I hope with this blog, what I write, will not only be educational but a fun interesting read, that will be my goal. But sometimes boring is just plane boring and can’t be fixed, can’t be optimized even digitally, just go with it. Remember we are all perfectly imperfect- It’s a new day, Carpe Diem! Any ole way... Here you go! DSKivoi follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/Meggastan linkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dskivoi Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ioviksmm Skype: D.S.Kivoi
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