Trends and Utility

More and more Skype is the chosen medium used in lieu of face to face interviews and meetings, and I see this trend growing and how convenient for both financially , the opportunity cost is beneficial to both having the ability to meet like this to engage, the interviewee does not have to spend money for transportation  can simply put on a shirt and tie and sit in the comfort of his home, or convenience of his car or favorite coffee shop and the interviewer has the benefit of not needing make special allotment for the benefit of the interview or the often awkwardness of unprepared and presented candidate amongst other things. Skye is now the preferred application for companies which is a good thing for Microsoft having bought Skype last year. How did Skype get to this good benefit and how does the company more importantly benefit? Smaller businesses tend to communicate differently than larger entities. Instead of internal meetings, you spend more time reaching out individually to customers, prospects and partners. Making calls can be costly, especially if you’re talking to colleagues and customers on their mobile phones or when they’re in other parts of the world. Keeping costs to a minimum is vital to improving your bottom line. Communicating with clients and colleagues, wherever they are in the world, is key to the success of any business. But travel costs can make a big dent in your profits too. And it’s not just things like flights, fuel and hotel bills that can affect your company’s profitability when you’re spending time on the road – it also means you are spending less time in the office, which can hurt productivity. Customers are the center of any business, small or large – and making sure they can contact you easily and cost-effectively is a must if you want to provide the high level of service that will keep them from going elsewhere.

When you use Skype for business, customers who also use Skype can call you from wherever they are just by clicking the Skype number on your website. And thanks to Skype’s low rates, it will save your customers money, too. So stop complaining about having little or no understanding of computers and or social media, it’s unacceptable, this is the trend; To be engaged by way of social media, no excuses or you fail


About iovik

Here you go! Hi, I’m not sure what I really should share in this space as I don’t want this blog to be about me (totally lol), but more about the things we study, observe and in general care about. I love digital everything with regard to marketing. I have been working in Promotions and Marketing for over 15 years mostly media, radio and entertainment corporations in New York, Baltimore, Washington and Atlanta and a producer for more than 25. I helped start the rapper/actor/producer 50 Cent aka Boo with my mentor Jam Master Jay. I oversaw the execution of his first records, “The Hit” being one to designing stickers , posters and running down DJ’s like Ron G and DJ Enuff with Dat tapes (do you remember those?). You know I need to write a book about how 50 Cent really started- so much was left out of his book so many people contributed in a major way for example the book does not mention people like K-Love (who produced Onyx) his first A&R and composer of his hottest initial records or Rob Love who would help work the promo vinyl on his own time after Def jam rejected it. To produce and manufacture 50 Cent first recording was no easy feat Def Jam did not want to spend the money on him and Jay did not have the budget, it was only after a conversation with Kenny Dichter ( who wrote a $10,000 check to make it happen, was I able to press and promote his first single… (maybe I will blog more about those and many more stories in greater detail later). I was so excited about that record anyone who has the vinyl will see I made the matrix number my birthdate ( you know as proof just in case the kid made it big you know I did the record hardy ha ha ha). I worked with many people. I’m thankful to have big brothers and people acting like family in music early on extending favor to me like Dallas Austin and Monica T, the Browns @ Bosstown, I miss that B-room (now Stankonia by Outkast) who treated me like family (Bobby Brown’ fam especially Papa Brown and sisters- Lord bless them- nothing but love), and Spyder D ( who taught and later trusted me with so much. Later on I started to represent other brands moving away from branding artist and producers exclusively. I relocated to south to Florida and made a fresh start- from representing artist and bands to managing major brands from Bank of America to Kinect for Xbox 360. I enjoy writing when I can. I hope with this blog, what I write, will not only be educational but a fun interesting read, that will be my goal. But sometimes boring is just plane boring and can’t be fixed, can’t be optimized even digitally, just go with it. Remember we are all perfectly imperfect- It’s a new day, Carpe Diem! Any ole way... Here you go! DSKivoi follow me on twitter linkedIn: Facebook Skype: D.S.Kivoi
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2 Responses to Trends and Utility

  1. KristieO says:

    Derrick, I appreciate your last “rattling” comment “So stop complaining about having little or no understanding of computers and or social media, it’s unacceptable, this is the trend; To be engaged by way of social media, no excuses or you fail.” Pretty funny, but true…get off your, you know what and get “liking!” One other thought…I am a fairly visual gal…where are my graphics? A big fat, sky blue Skype logo would look smashing inset into your copy. Good information here too about how SM has affected all of us and how we communicate.

    • iovik says:

      Hi Kristie, I am going to take your advance I am actually working on fixing things up but my laptop cord falied on me after 19 months i bought a new i got Monday and the replacement melted on me tonight but once my laptop is up and going 100% I am going to adding pictures and just being more unique in general thanks a bunch i appreciate your input and love that you have sense of humor!

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