Can We Kiss?

kisskissYou want to say- Shut up, stop thinking or you’re doing too much to a friend, familia or colleague? Think about your favorite songs over the years or the books best remembered from your childhood, they were the simplest- Think about it. We complicate so much from parenting to politics to peace. Our first kiss is always the hardest isn’t? In much more primitive times without all this readily available technology how did we manage to create the world’s wonders, did we Kiss?  It’s a new day! Many of you know me by this, some days are harder than others surely but when it all gets seemingly to heavy and complex I go to this. In hindsight we all see the value of this but it’s fleeting soon afterward and we are back to making things harder than necessary all over again. Heap see few know right.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Move your body throughout the day.
  • Eat well — a healthy assortment of foods. Mostly plants, and not too much.
  • Think positive.
  • Smile more.

All cliches for sure but it’s a way to work on how to kiss. Babies are a good practice, when you think about it they really don’t cry for much in their infancy- unlike us we cry and whine about everything and have to go through a maze like the one on “The Shining” then cobwebs  then secret basement floor door just to get to problem- not babies they keep it simple we are trained to make things complex. How about the Model T car, the first light bulb upon invention compared to the complexities of now? Surely life can seem hard enough trusting strangers to let you safely cross a busy intersection, if we really thought about that we would never cross the street but we do everyday with one foot in from of the other.

Lastly can’t we all just get along? Take off your blue blazer and through away your condescending power trip before during and afters heels that many would break their ankles with and just keep it simple smarty and practice a heap of give some, get some= Respect. It can be given away freely without guilt- how simple is that- what a genius move!



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Awareness as Entertainment

“Emotion is one factor that drives sharing. We see lots of funny stuff go viral on YouTube, but we also see angry political rants get shared,” Berger says. “Any emotion that fires us up–humor, awe and excitement, but also anger and anxiety–drives us to share.”

Social media is also the great equalizer: Any company can cut through the clutter, regardless of brand awareness or marketing budget. All it takes is a clever idea and skillful execution.

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Just tell the truth


Just tell the truth.

Even if you feel like you’re an honest, hard-working, trustworthy individual (as most of us do), there will be situations in which you just don’t or can’t follow through on a promise. Whether it’s attending a family event, meeting a job deadline, going out with friends, or spending an evening helping the kids with homework, invariably we find ourselves feeling no choice but to use an “untruth” (i.e., a lie) in order to avoid disappointing others. Still don’t begin the string of untruths by lying to yourself so you can sell it to others, just tell the truth.

Not some version of the truth, or part of the truth, or truth that’s technically true but isn’t the real reason for your behavior. It’s got to be, as they say, “the whole truth.”

If you do it, you’ll never again forget which excuses you made to whom, because the truth will be at the bottom of all your explanations. At an ethical level, telling the truth helps you to believe you’re a good and honest individual while allowing you to behave in ways consistent with that self-image.

Before getting to the reason for this advice, let’s look at three faux excuses that don’t measure up to the truth:

  1. The version of the truth. You were late for a meeting due to lingering too long over your latte. There was a particularly busy rush hour that day, so you offer as your excuse, “Traffic was terrible today.”
  2. Part of the truth. You don’t really want to go to the Jack-and-Jill wedding shower you were invited to, so you give as your excuse the fact that your family is coming into town that day. It is true they’re coming, but the shower will be long over by the time your folks arrive in town.
  3. Technically the truth. Some lawyers are expert at giving reasons that are true but only in the technical sense of the word. It is possible, using this logic, that you only remembered your friend’s birthday 3 days after it was over. Your excuse may be that you think it’s much better to wish someone happy birthday in person. Technically that is true, but it’s not why you missed the big day.

In each of these cases, an honest excuse would have involved some loss of face or admission of fault; you’re not perfect after all. However, you would at least be spared the burden of having to remember all the surrounding details of the excuses you gave.

When communicated in a straightforward manner, being honest about the reason for your stumble allows the other individuals involved to feel empathy with you. If you provide an explanation that makes sense—and is 100% truthful—they should be more inclined to try to understand the situation from your perspective. Everyone is late sometimes, we all forget important occasions, and plenty of us prefer a Sunday afternoon alone than in the company of people opening presents.


Barlett, C. P. (2013). Excuses, excuses: A meta‐analytic review of how mitigating information can change aggression and an exploration of moderating variables. Aggressive Behavior, 39(6), 472-481.

Copyright Susan Krauss Whitbourne 2015


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Fight of his life: Larry Holmes battles deadliest opponent

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) _ The call from the doctor’s office changed everything. Larry Holmes built a boxing legacy and a business empire, but on that day three years ago, his life was in jeopardy…

Source: Fight of his life: Larry Holmes battles deadliest opponent

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Men Watching Women. And for the longest time.

Not only in New York.. I read this and had to share one way or another and get your feedback, after all, inquiring minds always want to know.

With all of their lights and motion, the streets of New York provide a panoply of visual stimuli. Yet one of the most popular sights for men has been around since long before the Dutch settled in New Amsterdam: women. Men are forever looking at women.

There are lascivious looks, artistic looks, skeptical looks, and inquisitive looks. And women’s reactions are equally varied. Depending on the look, the looker, and the circumstances they may feel uncomfortable, proud, threatened, or admired. In New York, where anonymity is easily maintained, men and women engage in a game of looks and solicitation of looks by employing a variety of non-verbal means. Though fleeting, these exchanges can achieve a surprising depth of communication, often involving “onlookers” as well.

We all do it, it’s not reserved to any one particular race, group, place or age even- It’s basic, natural instinct that men fight to resist only when we are in the company of a woman. SO we really don’t mean any disrespect, it’s like the dog that just has to sniff the other dog even if it’s a random passing down an unfamiliar sidewalk. What’s your take?mww

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From food, dating to how we make money – the internet is changing everything!

Have you heard of the Cisco concept of “The Internet of Everything”? This connectivity of all things digital is driving business, education, agriculture, healthcare and pretty much everything else. Today, not only can you order a pizza online and it is delivered right to your doorstep soon after, but you can also have it custom-made for you, with toppings of your choice. You can also buy your used or new car on the internet. Socially, the internet is affecting the way we live and do things. It is affecting how we date, with most professionals who are always pressed for time preferring to date online rather than conventionally. A woman or a man that you like is just a few clicks of the mouse button away. Networks like LinkedIn, a professionals’ network is determining how we hire skilled labor for our businesses as well as how we make money. YouTube is changing the way we entertain ourselves with millions of interesting videos posted. Medically, on WebMD and Mayo Clinic; you can find information about different kinds of ailments. The internet has changed most everything, what has it left out but soon next?

Derrick Stanfield-Kivoi

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The future of Advertising is digital: If you are a business without a budget for digital, you are doomed to fail!

To the consumer, digital advertising is cheaper, faster and more informative (you can replay that YouTube video anytime you want!). In addition, users do not feel violated by digital advertising because they can choose what to view and what to skip. This is unlike traditional advertising where they are force-fed advertising content. To the marketer, the audience is actually the product because the data they collect is invaluable, as they use it to analyze trends and to follow sales leads. Thus, we can confidently say that companies that set a bigger budget for traditional advertising and a smaller one for digital advertising are in for a rude shock. Traditional is no longer king. Digital is king! Many trendsetting companies have made it big from digital advertising. And so could you. Digital advertising does not care how big or small your business is. If you have a good strategy and a budget, implement it affordably and grow. Many large brands have already made the shift including American Express, Mint, General Electric and many others. I worked for a small Ad Agency in Florida  they have been around for over 20 years and they were very slow to adapt to digital, the people in sales were almost afraid to introduce it to clients ( the clients had to insist on it), they just didn’t know how to sell it and the owner for far too long was comfortable with numbers they brought in. Therefore, many smaller companies upstarted and began to surpass this seasoned agency, some wait too late which is almost as bad as not all. 56020bbbee37e_thumb900For those who do begin t start your digital department I have a few suggestions to get and keep good talent but the main one for starters: create an environment that may be unlike any other room of your offices and let that be a creative space with medium lighting and art (that’s void of subtexts like its from wal-mart) and let there be sound (most want to listen to their headphones and zone out), make sure they see and or know these things. But know without a doubt if you do not have a digital department you must have at least a digital budget!

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